What is Drezzer?

Drezzer is all about Fashion and different Styles. Drezzer is a community portal giving you the unique chance to present your own styles which other users rate while you can rate looks of other members. Connect with other users and get inspiration for your own style. Through ratings you take your own style will be defined and adopted continually.

Rules to be followed?

Age restriction

You are 14 years or older then register now and join Drezzer. Drezzer will deactivate profiles of younger members.


Please be aware that you are only permitted to upload pictures representing your own style. It is not permitted to use pictures of models, celebrities, friends, children or pets – all these pictures will be removed. Present yourself, ideally with a full body shot. The more other users can see on your picture, the greater is your chance for a qualified assessment by other Drezzers. Photos that show only your face, are only suitable as a profile photo, but not by others to evaluate and will be removed by the editors.


Images containing pornography, indecent poses and extremist political statements will be deleted by the editor and lead to the deactivation of your account.

Registration / log in

Will my data be shared?

The stored data will not be disclosed to third parties and is exclusively for internal use.

Is Drezzer a fee-based service?

No, Drezzer is a fully free of charge service for personal usage.

I’ve forgotten my password. What can I do?

You can use “Forgotten Password” at any time you request a new password. You only enter your e-mail address and you will immediately receive an email with your new password.


Do I have to fill out my profile immediately?

No, you can fill out your profile gradually. The more information you give, the more other user can learn about you. In addition you will get more Spotlight seconds for each voting.

Where can I change my profile information and settings?

In your profile you will find the link “Edit Profile”. Here you can easily replace your profile photo, change information about yourself or your settings.

Why has my profile or style been deleted?

We must also comply with applicable laws. Unless one of your photos has exceeded the level of pornography, or it is not compliant, we are unfortunately obliged to remove the photo. Before we do, we send a message to your e-mail address. If you have not received a notification, please contact office@drezzer.com.

How can I report a photo that is not compliant with the terms of usage?

Under each style you can find the “Flag as inappropriate” link. The Drezzer editorial will check the reported profile and photo and decide on a warning or will block the mentioned user.

Can I deactivate my profile?

You can deactivate your profile at any time for an indefinite period in your personal “account settings” if you do not want to be part of the Drezzer community anymore. If you change your opinion, reactivation of your account is possible at any time.

Personal Style Gallery

How do I upload my current style?

You can use the “Add new style” function to directly upload photos from your hard disk to your profile. All you have to do is navigating to “Styles” or to the link “Add new style” below your profile photo.

Where will my styles be stored?

In your profile you will find a link “Gallery“ or you navigate directly to “Styles”. There you’ll see all your styles with rankings sorted by date.

How long will my styles be stored?

All photos are stored in your gallery until you delete them.

Can I get ratings for multiple styles at the same time?

Yes! If you do not want to decide between two outfits, you are allowed to upload two photos at the same time. Go to “Styles” and move the mouse over one of your gallery photos. By clicking the “+” you can add an additional new style. The two styles are compared and the evaluation of other users is spitted between these two photos. You see at a glance which look fits better.

What is the meaning of the coloured flags at my actual style picture?

Orange: Number of comments
Green: Thumbs up - number of users who like your style
Red: Thumbs down - number of users who do not like your actual style
Blue: Number of ratings

Rating Styles

How do I rate styles?

Click on the “Drezzer” button. Under each photo you’ll see a green “thumbs up” and red “thumbs down” button on which you can make the assessment. The more ratings you give, the higher is the spotlight of your current style.

How can I share styles of other users?

Styles can be shared on Facebook and Twitter with your own contacts. Therefore special buttons are located under each Style-Photo. The particular style will be automatically posted on your Facebook profile or in your Twitter news feed.

Can I comment on every style of other users?

Yes, directly under each style, there is a comment field. You can add comments and delete them.

What is the style stream?

The style-stream shows an overview of styles from users you “follow”. If you already were suggested a style to vote, you see also how you rated it.


What‘s the „Stylegraph“?

The “Stylegraph” is defined by the quantity of your ratings for other members. The more pictures you rate, the better you can define which Style you prefer most. The “Stylegraph” will adopt with every rating and will become more precise continually. Your personal Stylegraph is only visible to you and not open to the public.

What do the tags mean inside my Stylegraph?

The tags show your five favourite styles. With each rate you can see your Stylegraph changing.


What is the Spotlight?

Your style is suggested by a random selection to other members for voting. The higher your personal Spotlight value, the more often your style is proposed to other members. You can increase your spotlight value by voting frequently.

Profile completeness

The more complete and detailed your profile is filled out, the higher the base value of your spotlight.

Tagging Styles

You can tag any of your uploaded Styles. The same principle again, the more information you give in addition to each of your looks, the higher your spotlight.

Voting and comments

In addition your spotlight increases with every voting and any comment made to a different styles. The more diligent you vote, the higher will be the visibility of your own styles to other users.

Where can I see my Spotlight?

Your Spotlight will appear as a countdown in a box under your current style. For each evaluation, you will receive additional seconds.

Personal contacts

How can I network with other users?

Above every style of other users and on the respective profile, there is a “Follow” button. By clicking it the user is stored in your personal contact list, so you always stay up to date on the latest styles.

Where can I find an overview of my followers?

On your profile you will find a list of “Drezzers, follow me” and “Drezzers, which I follow.” Here all users who you follow, or who follow you are listed.

Can I delete a follower again?

Next to each username you can click on the “Unfollow” button to remove the user from your contact list.

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