Sustainable Fashion with True Boxers

We have all the respect for the brands – and clients – who care about the environment. This is why, today, we want to talk a bit about True Boxers and their sustainable, fair and fashionable products. The brand is based in Austria, but they collaborate with two other countries in order to make sure that their boxers are made without any compromise regarding the ethical production and the quality of the materials: Spain supplies them with properly certified cotton and Portugal assures that the manufacturers have the best working conditions. If you love paying attention to details and you want to always give a special touch to…

Amateur Fashion


As you already know, last week we visited Amateur Fashion, to see and try on their awesome winter collection. We loved it so much, and we went back there again, this time with a new purpose: to get two amazing outfits for the winners of the #tubemasAustria contest. For those of you who don´t know yet, #tubemasAustria is a great collaboration between 29 austrian youtubers, who decided on making this Christmas special by organizing a contest in the form of an Adventskalender! Each day you can win a small prize from one of the youtubers, and at the end of the Kalender, you can win the Main Prize,…

amateur-fashion Julia

Winterstyles with Amateur Fashion

Winter is finally here and it is the perfect time to try out some new, cozy and unique clothing ideas! This week we had a photo shooting with the charming fashionista Julia, who modeled for one of our favorite local independent labels, Amateur Fashion.   The Viennese designer Birgit Rampula created a series of multi-layered winterpieces that are simply to die for: stylish, original and absolutely perfect for the cold weather! The beauty behind these outfits is that you can wear them outdoors and also indoors and still look effortlessly flawless in them.   One of the things we like most about this brand is that they use…


Cozy and fashionable autumn look

One of our favourites… With the temps cooling down more and more each week, we’re finally getting in the mood for cozy knits, coats and everything else that autumn weather implies. Here, one of our favourite outfits and styling tips to inspire and guide you as you continue your fall wardrobe planning.   What are your favourite hall items? Tell us in the comments <3 XOXO  


Red Bull Listening Session with Camo and Krooked

catchy,motivating and  versatile…   Within the scope of the “Red Bull Listening Session”, Reinhard Rietsch and Markus Wagner aka “Camo and Krooked” presented their upcoming album. Camo and Krooked are two successful electronic music producers, living in Austria. Last friday, 250 selected guests,including friends, fans and music business professionals had the pleasure of being able to gain an insight into the production process and the stories behind the album. Host Heinz Reich led the guests through the event with esprit and charm. The “Funkhaus Wien” was chosen as the perfect location for this special occasion. We were greatly delighted to be part of the whole process. I’m very much looking…

3 fantastic brands — Budapest

DVA “Impulse, spontaneity, self-irony; these are the three words that characterize our collection and also the brand itself. The extreme usage of flashy colors, different materials, which often look odd in a single piece, the mixing of sporty skins with the more traditional materials is balanced by a relaxed design, which combination is proved to be popular in the Hungarian and also in the international market.” DORIVISY “I have learned to work with a lot of different material. Interesting forms, veins, bubbles are my main sources of inspiration. I’m trying to emphasise the importance of occasional jewellery. I would like people not to be afraid to wear interesting,…


The lollipop factory was our first stop in Budapest. When we came there, we were very impressed by this charming little shop in the heart of  the City. The designers gave us a very warm welcome and we had a nice talk about their brands. If you ever plan to travel to Budapest, I would highly recommend to stop by 🙂 I completely fell in love with this lovely bellybag from “pleasure is pretty”     This is “Chobopop”!   LOLLIPOP     B.KUND            The designers   “Remember to pop in if you need a casual dress or something delicious for a party” Designers: Acid’n…


Standing ovations for KARL MICHAEL

„Fashion for him, her or whatever you want to be, because unisex is the gender of tolerance“. The amazing show at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week was a teaser for his upcoming comic series „The Protectors“ Here some impressions: “THE PROTECTORS” “It’s 2079, the human race is fighting a virus triggered by an explosion of a weapon created by a syndicate to control the world. The virus set free a mutation of the human race; 30% of the human population has been infected and turned into aggressive savage soldiers & drones who obey the syndicate. Just a small part of the human population who were not infected by…



Playful, romantic and happy!       Designer Lisi Lang presented  a preview of the summer collection, winter 16/17 as well as some wonderful ball dresses. Fancy hairstyles and good spirits were in the center of the lovely show.     Enjoy!     …Pretty in pink! <3